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Bookninja15's writing spree

all mine, all the time....

I take on my dreams

 Hello again,

YES it has been a while, but NO have not yet abandoned this.

Cyberspace has called me elsehwere in the past months. I've been flying around Fanfiction.net and various places, but whatever.

I'm here now.

So yes, I would like to say I've now begun to try and write a novel. Yep, I'm getting off my figurative butt and going in for real.

I don't know if I can pull of anything stunning, but I'm hoping I can get something done.

The plot shall remain a secret, as I just don't feel like sharing just yet.

Also the plot is being worked on. I have got some innitial stuff down, but I have to get the rest of the plot down. 

or something like it. I suck at planning. 

I'm determined to have something done, to show you all by writing a book, like I alwasy say I'm going to. becuase what use is saying I'm going to be an author if I don't do something? 

So here I am, telling YOU I'm doing something. 


Yep, I'm addicted. Or something....

Ok, so after tottally winning at photoshop, I'm made yet ANOTHER banner.

One for my first ever fanfic, The Necromancer's Necklace

Isn't it awesome?

I feel so happy.
and this is FUN.

~Bookninja15 XD

I win at photoshop


Me and my geniousness finally made a banner for my fanfiction. Well one of them anyway....

So here it is, the awesome banner. The one that rocks so much better than my first attempts at banners:

I know. It's awesome isn't it. ;) 

(what? allow me my moments of accomplishment)

Oh and this was only posted here because blogger has failed me. Thanks a lot google. -__-

Write on,


Art is a many faced thing.

Hello to you people as I yell and scream inot cyberspace. Well it's more of whisper. But stil whatever. Anyway here are a few differnt types of art:

First of all, his a post of a sketch I did. It's not epic but it proves I don't stuck at drawing.
Anyway, here it is:


Hope that showed up ok. And I KNOW it isn't epicness, but I suck at proflies and this was an achievement for me.

Second of all: a little poem: 


The Rising

We rise from the ash

In the wake of devastation

The fires can’t hold us back


We the city,

Become one again.

Nothing can hold us back


We the city

Rise again

No one to hold us back

No fire

No quake

No flood

No mountain

Or river

Can stop us now

Ok, not much of relevance to the picture but it's alright isn't it?
C'mon, talk.

And yay for getting two comments on the last one.
I didn't really expect people to read this.
And with that I sound so loser-sih but fluff it. ;) 
So thank you anyway.

(I don't bite. Hard.....joking. ;D)


Cyberspace....can they hear you scream?

They say that no one can yhear you scream in space, but does that count for cyberspace?

Anyway, if you're here, then you've probably got curious about the link on FF about my homepage and I suppose this is it, my little sanctuary of writing, where I just write.

When I can be bothered of course, but still the point still stands.

Anyway here's a preview of a story I wrote a while ago, sprung up from the infinte depths of my mind.

It's not got a real title, so don't ask. And no, this is no days of the end thing. It's just for fun.

The car hits me when I’m approximately half was across the right lane. It’s not a big affair; just the sound of metal hitting my skin and one single scream as the driver realises what they’re doing. I crash to the ground, feeling the pain course through me, knowing I might not even see tomorrow or even the next hour. Landing on the asphalt doesn’t help this feeling. Everything inside my body is screaming. I wonder what I look like, is my leg tossed across the road? Is there a bloody stump where my hand supposed to be? I try and move my legs and am rewarded with a burst of pain so intense I black out for a moment. I repeat this with my hands.

It’s all too much.

I want to die right now.

I feel my wish being granted, with my heartbeat slowing, lungs stop asking for air, my ears losing sound and my eyes rewarded with a burst of bright light.

I’d smile if my lips would move.




“I see you’ve taken all the cables out. How is she doing, Hector?”

“She’s stable. Now when do we freeze her?”

“As soon as you can. Be careful though, she’s a pretty one.”

“I know, all that lovely blonde hair.”

“Don’t touch it you fool! She’s not yours.”

“I know, Dr. Grey. I wonder what colour her eyes are.”

“Blue. Now don’t get distracted. Got it?”


‘Good, I expect you to have her ready in an hour. I know it doesn’t take long.”

“ It won’t. Goodbye.”


Any thoughts?

I'd like to hear if you've heard my yelling (ie reading this)


Where you loved me

Yes. Here I am, yelling at cyberspace once again...
If you are actually reading this, then Hi.
Right below is an original poem that I wrote on one of my any mad poetry sprees....

Home is where you loved me

On the dirty little lane

Time decided to forget.

On the rusty swings

Where we met

All those years ago.

In the park

With the red tulips

Where we kissed.

In the hollow of the tree

Where we stayed

For an hour or two

(But often longer)

Each week.

In the cemetery

Where we lie

After all this time

We die.

So....any thoughts?

Days of the End Part 2

Well here it is folks, the second part! I know it took forever for me to get offa my ass and post it but here it is:

“Train 18 is now arriving at camp number 7A832B4.” The automated voce said. I sighed. We’d made it. After 10 days of travel and plenty of hours of doubt, we’d made it. I hoped Zeke was already there. He’d been on the train before us anyway. The whole carriage erupted into cheers. People embraced, shouted, cried, laughed and did a number of other things as we pulled in. I smiled, happy that this meant safety.

“We made it, we really made it,” I heard a man whisper joyfully. His name was Kain. I’d spent many hours conversing with him. He had a sister and her husband somewhere on train 17. He said their names were Maurice and Jacinda. They seemed such nice people, Kain really thought the world of them. I told him about Zeke too. He listened, that was more than I could say about anyone else on the train.

“I know Kain. I hope you find Jacinda and Maurice. Maybe they met Zeke already!”

Kain laughed. “That would be truly amazing.”

“Right this way passengers.” A voice called. It was the head of Camp. Mr Nealson, I think his name was. I don’t quite remember. We’d been told about it on the train, but I didn’t really pay attention. I was too focused on Zeke.

“Sir, did train 17 arrive yet?” I asked Mr Nealson, praying He’d say yes.

“No, not yet. I’m not quite sure what happened to them,” Mr. Nealson replied, his face turning into a brief frown.  Kain looked as sad as I felt. Zeke must have survived Jacinda and Maurice too. They didn’t seem like the type to give up. I told Kain just that. He smiled and said “I’m glad I have someone like you to do the hoping. You’re so young; your faith in your friend and my sister and her husband is amazing.” We walked up to the camp.


A week later...

CODE RED! CODE RED! CODE RED!” The alarm sounded. My stomach dropped t the floor and the fear consumed me. I froze where I was, I knew the drill; it was the first thing that we were told about upon arrival. ‘Code Red’ meant Infected. People ran around in a terrified frenzy. I saw many running for the guns places all around, ready to be used if needed. Now was that time. I stood where I was, inside the building I thought was the safest place to be. I was sure the Infected couldn’t reach me here. Zeke still hadn’t turned up. Maybe his train was sent to another camp. I heard that could happen. Maybe it was just a story invented to make people feel better, but I didn’t care, it was true to me.

“Cassie! Move along, their coming!” Kain said from somewhere nearby. I’d stuck with him. He knew where to go. I had no idea if my mum or dad had made it. They’d sent me off alone with the promise that they’d be on the last round of trains. But I hadn’t seen them at all. Kain was the closet thing and I clung to that.


“I’m here Kain,” I said looking into his fear-filled eyes. It was so unlike him. In the weeks that I knew him, he never once feared the Infected would come in.

“They’re here! Run for your life!” Somebody screamed. Suddenly, the corridor filled with panic. Infected were in. Screams echoed in my ears. This is about the time the gunshots began. It was all we knew of survival. We had to kill them.

“Move it Cassie! We have to run!”

“I am,” I said to Kain as I sprinted down the corridor. Gunshot echoed and people and Infected fell. Some had caught stray bullet or two. I saw a couple of Infected out of the corner of my eye. They looked awful. Haggard faces showing bone in gaps in their rotted flesh. Clothes hung on their bodies like rags. A few still looked human but I could see how rotted they looked inside. Bruise-like marls dotted their bodies, showing how rotted they were inside. I didn’t see know what they were thinking. Nobody told us that. But I knew some people still looked normal enough and stayed with their families, but after an issue with a whole family hiding out, the government made it compulsory to be tested weekly.

“Cassie! Move it now!” Kain called out from behind me. I moved faster. The corridor rushed behind me, gruesome scenes playing out as I ran. Bullets flew everywhere, screams still in the air. The whole scene was awful, it made me sick at how much death there was in here.

“Cassie!” Kain screamed. His voice rang across the hallway, echoing loudly.


“Behind you!” Kain pointed at something behind me. I jerked an arm out behind me, thinking that I could punch and run. I was wrong. Instead of being able to run, I felt something bite down on my arm, hard. I screamed and fell to the ground. I looked at my arm. The bite was red and gory. I could feel the infection setting into my body.

I was infected.

I’m going to die.

But I couldn’t wrap my head around it. I tried to get up, but my body felt oddly sluggish.


“Go Kain. Leave now!” I screamed at him. It was too late for me, but I’d rot in hell (no pun intended) before he’d die here. Even if it was my last act, I’d get him out. Pushing him toward a gap in the wall was my only hope. Maybe the Infected would think of him as one of them and ignore him. We had no such luck. Thousands of Infected pounced on him, biting down on every available piece of skin. Kain’s body was ripped to shreds they’d bitten him so hard in places that his limbs were barley held together. I felt sick, my head spun with the images of his shredded body. I did the only thing I could think of to do. I got up and walked away. It was my best bet at survival around here. Maybe I could find some infected or die, maybe I’d get a bullet.


Days past, I walked on, going nowhere in particular. I had no hope now. I was part of the Infected, a rotting race of people, a demented face of humanity. I didn’t feel like I was a part of them, but I suppose it was only a matter of time. What lay ahead was surrounded in mystery. Speculations flooded my mind. Would I live for a long time, even as I fell apart? Or would I die when my body fell into pieces? Both possibilities scared me, while I wanted to live, I didn’t want to survive like, not if it meant living like this. Humanity was facing the end.

Who was I to argue? 

Good? Bad? Be honest.

Days of the end: Part 1

Ok yeah, I haven't updated in forever, but here is a preview of a short story of mine. Seeing as it's really long, I'm going to post a bit now and I might post more later OR I'll set up a fictionpress profile and you can read the rest there. But who knows.
so here goes nothing:


The year is 2250. Not that anyone cares anymore. Dates are pointless now. All that matters is surviving until the next day.  Ever since the Infected came in, people really don’t care about a petty thing like the year.

“Move along!” The train driver’s voice called from the front of the train. It was hectic. People were rushing around, desperate to claim a spot on the train. These trains were the last hope for many of us. I was one of them. I’d come to this station with nothing but a small suitcase and my best friend, Zeke. He meant the whole world to me. I didn’t know what I’d do without him.

“Cassie! C’mon! The trains are about to leave,” People came from everywhere. Their faces full of fear. I turned to Zeke. He was smiling. He’s the only person I know who could smile at a time like this.

“I’m coming! I won’t make us late. You don’t need to worry about me Mothboy,” Mothboy was the nickname I gave to Zeke when we were both six. Back then, he’d had an obsession with moths. It seemed fitting with the nickname he gave me when we were three: Butterfly, after the beautiful butterfly wings I’d loved so much, when everything was so much simpler.

“This is the last call for everyone. Second last trains of the day, all who wish to board please do so now. Management requires that you do not push; there is enough space for everyone,” The announcement said, echoing through the stations.

“Zeke, we have to go now, I don’t want to miss it,” I said, becoming scared I’d come face to face with an Infected if I didn’t catch it. We’d heard all about them when school was still running. Infected was what old-timers called Zombies. A stupid name if you ask me. Those oldies didn’t know what they were talking about. But I suppose they never dreamed that there was a possibility that such a creature could exist in this world. Nobody really knows who or what started the plague, but we do know it’s been going two years now. They taught us all about the Infected, how cases popped up slowly at first, so slowly that nobody thought it would be all that common. They were wrong.  Dead wrong. No pun intended. It caught on fast. Many people being bitten by an Infected and becoming like them. At first, people tried to lock them up but then there were too many to handle. The Infected rioted and broke out of their warding. Panic ensued. Nobody was safe. Schools became a place to help you defend yourself. You were taught one important lesson: Get the brain and you’ll kill them. Not much else mattered. Anybody who could even just hold a gun was taught that vital lesson: teens, adults, seniors and even kids as young as eight. All taught how to kill the monsters.

“This way miss,” A man said, pushing me toward a carriage.

“No, I need to stay with Zeke!”I cried, but Zeke had gone. Swallowed up by the crowd I guess. I didn’t even notice.

“I’m here Cassie. Come with me.,” I turned to see Zeke there. I relaxed taking him in, his curly black hair and blue sparkling eyes.

“No kid, you’re on train 17,” The man looked a little sad, He didn’t want to separate us either, “Miss follow me to train 18.”

Zeke was pushed away

“Cassie! Cassie! Don’t go. Stay with me! I’ll find you again!” He said voice full of determination.

“Mothboy, I’ll find you again one day,” I said, tears falling down my cheeks as the man pushed me toward a different train. They were taking us to camps. Places they assured us were safe, places with no Infected. I know that we’d end up at the same place. Or so I told myself. I didn’t even think that we’d end up in different places. That would be too much to take.

“Bye Butterfly I will see you again!” Zeke said form somewhere in the crowd behind me. The man ushered me into the train. It was fully packed. People were squished into every available floor space. This train was like none I’d ever been on before. Those trains were never full of people, they had plenty of space. Nobody was ever crowded in.

“Bye Mothboy,” I whispered to myself as the train left.

so, what do you think? 


The Other Elena
Ok, yeah here is another little story of mine I wrote some time ago. I don't really want to give anything away but this one I actually came up with a title for. here it is:

I awoke to the sound of something tapping on my window.

"Finn, are you awake? I’ve probably woken you up but I need you to let me in. Don’t ask questions just please let me in,"

A voice called put. I immediately recognised it as Elena’s voice. Elena was just someone I knew from my old school. She seemed nice enough, if a little weird, but I’d never really taken all that much time to notice her.

"What the hell?" It was all I could say. It was completely mad of her to turn up here. What was she even thinking?

"Let me in Finn, please,"

"No go away Elena. It’s too early in the morning!"

"I’m not leaving until you let me in or if you take too long I’ll just let myself in,"


"Quiet. Don’t wake anyone up, you idiot,"

"I will if I have to, now tell me what the hell are you doing here?’ "I will answer when you let me in. Just let me in. Please,"

"The answer is no. Go home,"

"I can’t really go there Finn, you don’t understand. Just please let me in,"

"No way!" I was not going to let her in. This was crazy. Elena was weird enough before this but now she was even crazier. She was either to quiet or insane, but the first has increased in recent years.

"Just let me in, Finn now. You have to let me in. You don’t get this at all. So now please just open the freaking window and let me in!"

"No, I will not. Just go away Elena. You are seriously crazy."
"I’m not crazy," voice was scarily cold. I imagined that her face was in its generic scowl. She often frowned. Rarely did she smile.

"Just let me in Finn. You need to let me in. Come and look at me. Maybe then you’ll change your mind,"

I was just lying in my bed at the time, too lazy to get up and look at her. But now she’d sparked my curiosity. I got up and walked over to the window.

"Finally," She sighed.

"Don’t count on this to make me let you in,"

"I am actually,"

What a freak. I got closer to the window and nearly fell over. Her face looked different somehow, something was off. I must be in plain sight but I couldn’t see it. She looked like the Elena I’d seen only days ago at the train station (strangely enough we go to the same one). Looking at her face closely, I realised it was her eyes that caught my eye. They were bright blue instead of the dull hazel blue I knew. Then I saw her mouth.

From her top lip, two tiny teeth poked out, making dimples on her bottom lip. Fangs. What the hell? I must be dreaming. That was the only explanation I could come up with to justify those fangs.

"Will you let me in now?"

"No I won’t," But the words were completely contradictory to what I was doing. I was opening the window. That you, I was getting a bit impatient there," She climbed in.

"What are you doing here? Seriously,"

"I’m hungry and I came to ask if I could borrow you neck, well actually that, and I need to hide for a while,"

What the hell?

Was she actually a vampire of just crazy?

"I’m not crazy Finn. You should know better than that. And yes, I am a vampire. The fangs should be enough to convince you,"

She looked completely normal form this angle. Her eyes were hidden from my view and her mouth firmly shut, fangs hidden.

"Vampire? Seriously?" I looked at her cynically, "You are nuts. If you are going to be a monster, why not something a bit more original?"

"I’m not lying here. I’ve told me fair share of lies, prehaps more but in this instance, I’m telling the truth,"

She didn’t really look like a Vampire at all. With her slightly

Olive-ish skin, plain brown hair and normally hazel blue eyes, Elena looked normal.

"Normal, Finn? Seriously, I am not at all that good,"

"What’s with that?"

"With what?"

"You know, guessing my thoughts,"

"I’m NOT guessing,"

"Really prove it,"

"Think of something I can’t possibly know about you,"

"Ok," I didn’t believe her but I went along with her anyway, thinking about the piles of shoeboxes full of books hidden in my wardrobe. It was something I hadn’t told anyone before. Well anyone who doesn’t need to know.

"Seriously? In shoeboxes?" she raised an eyebrow. "They’re too awful for that. I mean Jane Eyre. Really Finn,"

"How did you do that?"

"You’re the ‘genius’. You tell me,"

She shrugged.

"What are you doing here anyway? Will you answer me now?"

"Yes. I already told you. I’m hungry and you just happened to be the closest person. So I’d appreciate it of you don’t put up too much of a fight and I’m hiding from the Tanners," she added the last bit quickly, like it didn’t even matter.

"But aren’t they your family? That makes no sense and anyway why do you call them that and not mum and dad?"

"Because they aren’t" was her curt reply.

"What?" I’d said that word a lot tonight and I had a felling it wasn’t going to be the last time.

"My parents died years ago,"

"WHAT?" I said again. That made no sense; the Tanners were obviously her biological family. Elena looked eerily like her mum.

"I’m hundreds of years old actually," she said it like it wasn’t an important detail.

"How is that possible? I’ve seen you grow up and I’ve seen you young,"

"Well that’s where it gets complicated… you see the Elena Tanner you knew died… suicide actually, she was in a real bad place, that’s was about a year ago. It just happened that she was my great-great-great-great-great-great ect… grandniece. She looked exactly like me so I assumed her place, I saw her die. Nobody else did and I intercepted the suicide note she left so nobody would find out I’m not her,"

I couldn’t take this in. Elena was dead? How? Why? I realised if this isn’t Elena then who actually is her great by however many times, aunt is Elena even her real name?

"My name is Elena too. It was pure luck we got the same name,"

"Why did she kill herself?" I wanted to know why she died. Sure Elena was a bit quiet but I didn’t actually think she was that depressed. She’s dead my mind couldn’t really wrap itself around the concept. It was all too confusing.

""She was really depressed after what happened a few years ago, the last year you even went to school together. She couldn’t take it all, the pain became too much for her,"

This other Elena face grew sad, she looked freakishly similar to the Elena I knew, down to the tiniest of details.

"Well not every detail," Elena held up her arm. There was a long pink scar on it. She also bushed her hair aside revealing a pair of circular scars. Fang marks.

""Your right, they are made my fangs and a scratch from my creator/ I was born in the era of the return of the plague in England. I got infected an almost died. Well, I would have if it wasn’t for my doctor, he was a vampire too. I know it sound too much like that awful lot like something out of Twilight but it is true. I ‘died’ and became something else. After that, I followed my family closely; making sure I knew where they were. I followed the side that eventually became her father’s. The family name hasn’t changed since the time I was alive. It’s been Tanner all these years. Cool huh?"

"What the hell?" I said stupidly, I didn’t really know what else to say. I’d found out all of this crap, Vampires were real, Elena was dead (the one I knew) and this vampire one had taken her place.

"I know you’re confused, but it had to be explained sometime. The tanners were starting to notice I was different. It was in their minds but they never voiced anything,"

"Anything else I need to know?"

"She really did like you."


"Elena, she liked you, before she died, her journals always talked about you,"

I vaguely remembered a rumour about that, some other girl had told me but I’d never really believed it. Elena wasn’t the sort of person I’d ever taken much notice of. Sure I’d talked to her a bit and she seemed ok but I’d never thought about her like that at all. And anyway, was a few short conversations ever enough to make someone like you?

"Yes actually, she liked you all that time. Sadly your cluelessness hurt more that a flat out rejection. The straw that broke the camel’s back as they say,"

"Really you aren’t kidding me?"


"Well I don’t know what to say,"

"Anyway, while I’m here, can I borrow you neck for a moment. I’m thirsty,"

"Wha-" I’d almost forgotten she was vampire. Of course she’d need blood. But I’d kind of taken to theory that Vampires didn’t drink human blood.

"Don’t worry, you won’t die. I just need a quick sip. It won’t hurt for more than a moment,"

"Um… No. I’m not going to be bitten by you,"

"Please? I’m really thirsty," her eyes turned bright blue again and I knew it would be better to say yes now before she actually made me offer my neck unwillingly.

"Thank you," She stepped closer to me and I tilted my head to one side rather awkwardly because I’d-obviously- never been bitten by a vampire before and I really didn’t know what to do.

"Don’t worry you’ll be fine,"


She brushed the few stray strand of my hair back, leaned closer towards my neck, fangs fully exposed. She looked kind of beautiful from this angle. Beautiful? Where the hell did that come from? I shook off the thought. I’d never thought of Elena as beautiful but I was determined to not let this new Elena clone change my mind now. Or so I told myself. I felt her fangs touch my skin and her mouth close down as they broke the skin on my neck. The pain was intense for a second, but replace with a calming feeling. I felt seriously relaxed. My eyelids drooped and I was almost asleep again when I felt it fade.


"Yeah?" I said sleepily.

"Good, you’re ok. I was worried for a second there," she sighed and let go of me. Elena had ended up holding me in her arms, like a twisted version of an embrace, as she drank.

"Oh sorry, I tend to get caught up in the moment. I didn’t realise how thirst I was,"

"Don’t worry. I’m fine," but as I spoke, I swayed dizzily and collapsed on my bed.

"Crap, Sorry. I’ll get you something from the kitchen,"

And then seconds later, she was back with a sleeve of rice crackers in her hands.

"Here you go. Eat,"

She held out the crackers and I ate then greedily, the fatigue wearing off as I ate.

"Oh, I almost forgot, I should get rid of the bite marks,"

She bit her tongue and let a few drops of blood fall onto her outstretched index finger in from of her mouth. Quickly, she touched the wounds and then tiny sting I hadn’t realised was there, faded. I felt a bit more awake after this, and then something occurred to me.

"Why come here? What did I do to make you come here?"

"Nothing, I guess looks aren’t the only thing I share with Elena," she said, shrugging her shoulders. This Elena was weird. I didn’t get it.

"You might one day. Anyway, I have to go, Bye Finn. I Might see you later. Elena walked over to the window and climbed out.

"Bye Elena," I said to her, and then mostly to myself, "who are you?"

I watched as she disappeared into the night.

Like it? This has a couple extra stories(some are prequels and others are sequels) tied to which i will be posting soon.


Story Exerpt


Ok here is an exclusive expert form a story of mine. I shall post no more than this chapter" here it is:
Note: all of this is currently untitled and anyone who can give me a title will make me happy


1. Guest


“Suzie, Come down and meet our guest.” Mum called from the foot of the stairs.

“No!” I replied. I was not going down there it’s bad enough that and this guest was not going away for a long time. Nine months to be exact. And I’ll spend every second of it hiding under my rock. Figuratively speaking (of course)

I know I sound rude, some might say I’m mad for wanting to act like this. I bet most of the female population would kill to be in my shoes. Well I’d kill to get out of mine. I should explain who I’m talking about before I get too carried away with complaints. How should I begin?

Well it started a few months ago when mum got a call. This call was from one of her talent agent friends (mum used to work as an talent agent but gave it up due to stress.) and she wanted one of her best clients to stay with mum because she feared he (the client)was getting way too caught up in fame and needs to stop acting so arrogant. To think one phone call could destroy my calm. I should tell you who this client is. His name is Raymond. Raymond Hill. Now before you get all excited I should say they I am one of the few people who don’t like this guy. Since I get an ex- talent agent for a mum she tells me all about what the celebrities are really like. I’ve heard lots of stuff about Raymond and. It used to be good and I got sick of hearing it (well you would too) then he changed. He became an arrogant guy. The only thing that stopped him from being exposed was his agent (mum’s friend). So now here he is.

“SUZIE, COME NOW!” Mum’s getting angry. Not the best thing to greet a guest with. I took a deep breath and went down the stairs then found myself falling. 


“SUZIE!” I heard my mum’s voice. It no longer sounded angry but concerned. 

“What?” I was annoyed because she sounded so worried. I just tripped for crying out loud.

“Are you Ok?”

“I’m fine, don’t worry about me. I just tripped.”- They looked shocked-“Didn’t I?” What was going on?

“You did more than trip sweetie. You broke your leg.”

I then noticed a sharp pain in my right leg. Oh fabulous. That means I’m trapped inside my house for six weeks or longer.

“Ok let’s get you outta here. Here are your crutches.” Mum handed me the crutches slowly like my head got messed up too along with my leg.

I noticed a figure in the corner of the room. It took me a while to realise it was Raymond with the black wig which covered his blonde hair. He looked mad, like I’d killed his friend. He should look sympathetic not murderously angry. If anyone had the right to look grouchy it was me. After all I was the one with the broken leg. I hobbled along on the crutches. How do people even use these things? I looked at the clock it was 3. I must have been out for a few hours. I heard someone grumble. Three guesses who. Raymond still looked irritated. What did I do to him? He doesn’t know me. This calls for revenge. I know it doesn’t do any good but this guy needs a taste of his own medicine. As I hobbled to the car, I plotted.


Three days later…


I can’t take one more second of this. Raymond’s complaints are worse than dangling over a vat of acid with a rope lowering you down slowly. In fact I’d rather take the vat of acid than him any day. How anyone could put up with him is a mystery. It’s like no one can do anything right. First the food is too cold then too hot never perfect until it cools to the temperature it was originally. Then it’s the bed. The mattress is too hard, it’s too soft. Give me more pillows. I need fewer pillows. It never ends. Now he is complaining about dinner: “I refuse to eat this rubbish. What do you think I am, a pig?” This guy is going down. He should have never been famous. Well at least should have never been this famous. How did the truth never get out? Don’t journalists hide in the boot of the limo or something? I will get the truth out if he doesn’t change after these nine months. He is going to be very infamous at this rate. I am currently plotting how to get him back. No one like this should have all people act like their slaves. I heard my phone ring must be Miranda. “Oh there you are. I’ve been calling for the last three hours what did you do to yourself?”

“Chill, I’ve just broken my leg.”
“YOU DID WHAT?” I could just hear her jaw popping open.

“I fell down the stairs. I was meant to meet my ‘guest’. He is the biggest pain. It seems like no one can do anything right by him. Raymond is defiantly the worst guy on the planet. Without his looks and supposed talent he would be nothing.”
I told Miranda about the guest. She wouldn’t tell anyone cos she knows how much I hate attention. This would attract hordes of it.

“Ok. So how did you even get dumped with that guy? I thought he was in the middle of filming a movie. Wasn’t he?”

“No, I don’t know where the hell you heard that one, but he isn’t filming anything and remember don’t tell anyone about the guest”

“I know, I know. I’ll be at the door in about five minutes.”
“Ok. Bye.”

It was good that I didn’t have to keep this from her. I knew she wouldn’t go all stupid on me when she saw him. I knew because she already had a boyfriend and would never look at another guy. Thank goodness for that. I wanted to avoid too many people meeting him. I know how they will react. My enemies will all suddenly claim that they are my best friend as an excuse to come to my house and flirt. Then there would be the crazy girls trying to get in though my bathroom window (I know it seems unlikely but you never know what people will do. Some are ruthless when it comes to what they want and others are just plain are psycho). So you can see why I don’t want anyone to find out. It would just about kill me if this happened. I think Raymond needs to shape up and I know exactly how to do it. I heard the doorbell ring. Gee, Miranda is too fast for her own good. I heard someone answer the door. “So you must be Raymond. I’m Miranda. Bye” I heard Raymond grunt and Miranda race to get up the stairs. Miranda is way shorter than anyone I know but her attitude just draws people in. her blonde hair is in a short pixie like cut with a few pink streaks her skin has a faint tan from her mother’s side of the family. She bounces in with as more energy than should be humanly possible.

“Hi Suzie,” She said casually, “you are right, that guy seems horrid. But he is really hot”

“Miranda, what the hell is wrong with you?” I screamed at her.

“Ok chill. I’m just saying. Just cos I got a boyfriend doesn’t mean I can’t say any other guy is hot. But my Boyfriend is way hotter anyway,”

I can’t believe her sometimes.

She went over to my CD player.

“What ancient stuff have you got in here this time, ‘The Beatles’?”

Miranda often thought my taste in music was ancient. She only listened to the top forty or is it thirty? Me? I raid my mum’s CD’s. Usually stuff most teens have never heard of and older people smile when the hear it. Like Suzanne Vega. See what I mean?

“No. Suzanne Vega actually,”

“Who’s that?”

“Don’t ask. Just listen,”

Soon the room was filled with her voice. I closed my eyes and relaxed.

“So what are we going to do about Raymond?”

“This is why I called you here. If anyone can help me through this it’s you,”
“OK. Now let’s look at our options. One: You pretend to be one of those wild girls who are obsessed…” She paused noticing my angry expression that had nothing to do with my leg. “Ok then. That’s a bad idea. Two: You act like a total freak. You do weird things like dress up in foil and call the mother ship, eat weird food and do other crazy things that we come up with thus driving him mad or three you act just as spoilt”

“I like option two. It seems like I might just be able to pull it off,”

“Might? Suzie you were born for the soul purpose of being weird. YOU will pull it off.”

“Ok, so what do we do first?”

“Step One: doing really random stuff. The sort that makes people wonder about your sanity,”

“Like what? Dance around in purple sheets and say stuff like ‘Watch out for the goldfish?”

“No subtler. More like the sort of things that build mystery around you like sitting in a dark room and as he walks past you let the knife your holding flash in whatever light there is and put a bit of fake blood on it for good measure and cover up your wrists. Always,”

“That is not I good idea. What if he tells mum?” I couldn’t stand that idea. Mum is already insane enough. No need to put her under stress.

“Ok then. I’ll call that one off if you’re too chicken. Now what else could we do…” she trailed off and had an expression of deep concentration on her face. She smiles when concentrating. It does get a little freaky if you don’t know her well enough. Then just as Miranda was about to say something Raymond stormed into the room. He looked really annoyed. No changes.

“Keep it down!”

I rolled my eyes. This way typical of him, Raymond hated the sort of music I like. Ha ha ha.

“What the hell is that rubbish you’re listening to?” I was annoyed. Suzanne Vega is actually quite a good music artist. 

“Excuse me Raymond, Do you mind being a bit more respectful? Suzie has broken her leg and don’t you think you should be nicer to her?” Miranda had him looking shocked. I loved it when she did that. She may be very short but if her height was her attitude she would be as tall as a mountain. Raymond still looking completely shocked backed out of the room and ran off.

After a few seconds of silence we were in hysterics.

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