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Bookninja15's writing spree

all mine, all the time....

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Days of the end: Part 1

Ok yeah, I haven't updated in forever, but here is a preview of a short story of mine. Seeing as it's really long, I'm going to post a bit now and I might post more later OR I'll set up a fictionpress profile and you can read the rest there. But who knows.
so here goes nothing:


The year is 2250. Not that anyone cares anymore. Dates are pointless now. All that matters is surviving until the next day.  Ever since the Infected came in, people really don’t care about a petty thing like the year.

“Move along!” The train driver’s voice called from the front of the train. It was hectic. People were rushing around, desperate to claim a spot on the train. These trains were the last hope for many of us. I was one of them. I’d come to this station with nothing but a small suitcase and my best friend, Zeke. He meant the whole world to me. I didn’t know what I’d do without him.

“Cassie! C’mon! The trains are about to leave,” People came from everywhere. Their faces full of fear. I turned to Zeke. He was smiling. He’s the only person I know who could smile at a time like this.

“I’m coming! I won’t make us late. You don’t need to worry about me Mothboy,” Mothboy was the nickname I gave to Zeke when we were both six. Back then, he’d had an obsession with moths. It seemed fitting with the nickname he gave me when we were three: Butterfly, after the beautiful butterfly wings I’d loved so much, when everything was so much simpler.

“This is the last call for everyone. Second last trains of the day, all who wish to board please do so now. Management requires that you do not push; there is enough space for everyone,” The announcement said, echoing through the stations.

“Zeke, we have to go now, I don’t want to miss it,” I said, becoming scared I’d come face to face with an Infected if I didn’t catch it. We’d heard all about them when school was still running. Infected was what old-timers called Zombies. A stupid name if you ask me. Those oldies didn’t know what they were talking about. But I suppose they never dreamed that there was a possibility that such a creature could exist in this world. Nobody really knows who or what started the plague, but we do know it’s been going two years now. They taught us all about the Infected, how cases popped up slowly at first, so slowly that nobody thought it would be all that common. They were wrong.  Dead wrong. No pun intended. It caught on fast. Many people being bitten by an Infected and becoming like them. At first, people tried to lock them up but then there were too many to handle. The Infected rioted and broke out of their warding. Panic ensued. Nobody was safe. Schools became a place to help you defend yourself. You were taught one important lesson: Get the brain and you’ll kill them. Not much else mattered. Anybody who could even just hold a gun was taught that vital lesson: teens, adults, seniors and even kids as young as eight. All taught how to kill the monsters.

“This way miss,” A man said, pushing me toward a carriage.

“No, I need to stay with Zeke!”I cried, but Zeke had gone. Swallowed up by the crowd I guess. I didn’t even notice.

“I’m here Cassie. Come with me.,” I turned to see Zeke there. I relaxed taking him in, his curly black hair and blue sparkling eyes.

“No kid, you’re on train 17,” The man looked a little sad, He didn’t want to separate us either, “Miss follow me to train 18.”

Zeke was pushed away

“Cassie! Cassie! Don’t go. Stay with me! I’ll find you again!” He said voice full of determination.

“Mothboy, I’ll find you again one day,” I said, tears falling down my cheeks as the man pushed me toward a different train. They were taking us to camps. Places they assured us were safe, places with no Infected. I know that we’d end up at the same place. Or so I told myself. I didn’t even think that we’d end up in different places. That would be too much to take.

“Bye Butterfly I will see you again!” Zeke said form somewhere in the crowd behind me. The man ushered me into the train. It was fully packed. People were squished into every available floor space. This train was like none I’d ever been on before. Those trains were never full of people, they had plenty of space. Nobody was ever crowded in.

“Bye Mothboy,” I whispered to myself as the train left.

so, what do you think?