Bookninja15's writing spree

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I take on my dreams

 Hello again,

YES it has been a while, but NO have not yet abandoned this.

Cyberspace has called me elsehwere in the past months. I've been flying around Fanfiction.net and various places, but whatever.

I'm here now.

So yes, I would like to say I've now begun to try and write a novel. Yep, I'm getting off my figurative butt and going in for real.

I don't know if I can pull of anything stunning, but I'm hoping I can get something done.

The plot shall remain a secret, as I just don't feel like sharing just yet.

Also the plot is being worked on. I have got some innitial stuff down, but I have to get the rest of the plot down. 

or something like it. I suck at planning. 

I'm determined to have something done, to show you all by writing a book, like I alwasy say I'm going to. becuase what use is saying I'm going to be an author if I don't do something? 

So here I am, telling YOU I'm doing something. 



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