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Bookninja15's writing spree

all mine, all the time....

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Cyberspace....can they hear you scream?

They say that no one can yhear you scream in space, but does that count for cyberspace?

Anyway, if you're here, then you've probably got curious about the link on FF about my homepage and I suppose this is it, my little sanctuary of writing, where I just write.

When I can be bothered of course, but still the point still stands.

Anyway here's a preview of a story I wrote a while ago, sprung up from the infinte depths of my mind.

It's not got a real title, so don't ask. And no, this is no days of the end thing. It's just for fun.

The car hits me when I’m approximately half was across the right lane. It’s not a big affair; just the sound of metal hitting my skin and one single scream as the driver realises what they’re doing. I crash to the ground, feeling the pain course through me, knowing I might not even see tomorrow or even the next hour. Landing on the asphalt doesn’t help this feeling. Everything inside my body is screaming. I wonder what I look like, is my leg tossed across the road? Is there a bloody stump where my hand supposed to be? I try and move my legs and am rewarded with a burst of pain so intense I black out for a moment. I repeat this with my hands.

It’s all too much.

I want to die right now.

I feel my wish being granted, with my heartbeat slowing, lungs stop asking for air, my ears losing sound and my eyes rewarded with a burst of bright light.

I’d smile if my lips would move.




“I see you’ve taken all the cables out. How is she doing, Hector?”

“She’s stable. Now when do we freeze her?”

“As soon as you can. Be careful though, she’s a pretty one.”

“I know, all that lovely blonde hair.”

“Don’t touch it you fool! She’s not yours.”

“I know, Dr. Grey. I wonder what colour her eyes are.”

“Blue. Now don’t get distracted. Got it?”


‘Good, I expect you to have her ready in an hour. I know it doesn’t take long.”

“ It won’t. Goodbye.”


Any thoughts?

I'd like to hear if you've heard my yelling (ie reading this)


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Great site, very impressive.

I don’t bookmark sites but i will bookmark this! LOL!

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