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Bookninja15's writing spree

all mine, all the time....

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Art is a many faced thing.

Hello to you people as I yell and scream inot cyberspace. Well it's more of whisper. But stil whatever. Anyway here are a few differnt types of art:

First of all, his a post of a sketch I did. It's not epic but it proves I don't stuck at drawing.
Anyway, here it is:


Hope that showed up ok. And I KNOW it isn't epicness, but I suck at proflies and this was an achievement for me.

Second of all: a little poem: 


The Rising

We rise from the ash

In the wake of devastation

The fires can’t hold us back


We the city,

Become one again.

Nothing can hold us back


We the city

Rise again

No one to hold us back

No fire

No quake

No flood

No mountain

Or river

Can stop us now

Ok, not much of relevance to the picture but it's alright isn't it?
C'mon, talk.

And yay for getting two comments on the last one.
I didn't really expect people to read this.
And with that I sound so loser-sih but fluff it. ;) 
So thank you anyway.

(I don't bite. Hard.....joking. ;D)


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not bookninja15's comment on poems etc

Love your work. The sense of hopefulness in the poem is very inspiring. keep it up. lol frogpondartist - you know who I am!

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